If your looking for a particular costume for a doll your thinking about
ordering or you already have one of my dolls and would like to
expand his wardrobe then look no further.

I'm very fortunate to have two incredibly talented designers who
create clothing for my dolls.  If you wish to commission one of the
artists below please contact them through their websites.

Dreux Priore aka. Eggangel, has been creating costuming for my
dolls since i began making them in back in 2004, Ive worked with
Dreux for over 15 years on various projects and Dreux has worked as
a professional costumer since Ive known him.
Aside from selling ready made clothing he can make just about
anything you can dream up. Dreux is especially talented at working
with unusual fabrics.

          Click the below pic to link to his website...

Brian Earl,  Has been a professional costumer for more than 35
years, He has created costumes for the Australian Ballet, Melbourne
Theatre Company, Sydney Dance Company and the Australian
Opera to name a few,
His historical recreations have to be seen to be believed!  

            Click the below pic to link to his website...

photo by Brian Earl
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