This is my 2.0 doll sculpt, all of my new dolls use this body and the same
magnetic faceplate system.

This doll was a limited edition doll released in late 2007 only 10 of him
were made and sold, he is no longer available.

He is 27inches tall and uses 11mm eyes (possibly 12-13mm as well)
His legs lock in standing and kneeling positions making posing much
easier and His upper body is jointed to allow extra movement.
His head now uses a magnetic face plate system with swappable
Extra jointing in the upper thigh allows him to sit with legs crossed and
double jointing of the elbows allows for extremely poseable arms (no
suedeing or wiring was used in any of these photos)
He also sits easily on flat surfaces without falling back or needing to
lean forward (its difficult to tell in the photo but hes not leaning against
the wall)
If you have any questions about my dolls feel free to send me a